Patrick is the owner and founder of Expressions, he has a Graphic Design degree from GVSU and is passionate about senior and sports photography.  Growing up in and around the "Coolest Gym in Michigan." help shape his vision and interest in sports. Along with sports photography, Patrick also helps coach basketball and works with students to improve their photography knowledge at the local high schools. 

How can we help with your Expression?

Why Expressions? What does it mean?

Expressions was established in 2007. The word expressions allow often understood as a facial expression, it is more about an expression of who someone is. Just as simple as a silhouette can show enough details to identfiy someone uniquesness from someone else. Everyone has expressions that make the who they are. Expressions photography is about creating images that help show off everyone own individual expression.  So the silhouette logo does symbolize the company and how it view portraits.

Expressions has recently come a more focused company. The new focus is on working with true expressions/ passions of invididual in the sports, and the arts.

Our Owner